Kathaline Hotte

French Native Speaker Freelance Translator

Mother Tongue

French and diverse cultures

Born in France where I also live currently (in the region of Midi-Pyrenees) after living in 4 different countries and 10 cities in France spread over 5 different regions.

University Education

5 year University Degree in Translation and Management

Initial education in Foreign Languages/Translation and specialisation in Management/Business

  • 4 year University Degree in LEA (Foreign Languages applied to Translation English/German) - including one year as Erasmus student in Ireland, optional subject: International Business)
  • Master's degree in Business Administration with focus on Management and Entrepreneurship (economics, strategy, law, finance, accounting, marketing, communication, international trade, human ressources)

Experience abroad

Lived 5 years abroad - regular tourism


Ireland : 2 years / Germany : 1 year / Mexico : 1 year / Spain : 1 year


Many stays in Europe* in 16 countries / Asia (1 month in China) / Central America

* France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Andorra, Belgium, Poland, Ukraine

Professional Experience

8 years various experience in companies - 5 years in the field of exports

Various fields in various companies

  • International Business / Import-Export: 5 years
  • Teaching: 1 year
  • Sales: 1 year
  • Finance: 1 year

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