Translation Services

French - English - German - Spanish


  • International Trade / Import Export
  • Management / Law / Marketing
  • Environment / Ecology
  • Tourism / Art / Entertainment


Translation and Proofreading Services to French.

Freelance translator and founder of ekatrad specialised in international trade, at your service to help you to turn towards international business or to strengthen your relationships with your foreign customers and foreign suppliers.


Each translation is unique; its price depends on the quality and the complexity of the document, so please contact EKATRAD by email or by completing the contact form.


The types of documents include the whole international sales process

  • Market studies: All the information gathered to do a market study (Articles, reports, surveys, product descriptions, manuals for installation, etc.),
  • Marketing / Prospection: All media for external and internal communication (Brochures, booklets, flyers, leaflets, email campaigns, newsletters, websites, blogs, press releases, corporate policy, memos, etc.),
  • Sales: All commercial and logistic documents - transport, production (Quotes, tenders, orders, packing lists, customs documents, labels, delivery slips, manuals for use, packaging, etc.),
  • Regulatory Framework: All the legal and financial documents (Sales contracts, insurance contracts, general terms and conditions of sale, standards, certificates of conformity, invoices, audits, etc.).